Peteta Partial Plan (Vigo)

This was carried out by the City Council of Vigo in order to develop a residential ground with potential for development as laid out in the Municipal General Town Planning Plan.

The area being considered is located at the entrance to the city from the mesa with city outskirts that contrast with the rural area, while at the same time is experiencing spontaneous growth, in this case industrial growth. This is an unstructured area with a road network that is precarious with difficult accessibility and mobility. A Fenosa substation is incorporated but not included in the area.

The surface of this area is 18ha and is slightly inclined from the highway that borders it until it reaches the Eifonso River at the lowest point of the slope. This location establishes the plan that will be developed parallel to the highway in order to take advantage of the existing conditions of the slope that reaches the river. This requires an eco-neighbourhood with a mix of single-family homes and collective housing where shops and offices are also located to achieve a necessary mix of uses. Free public space is located near the river and the connection of equipment, which should be complementary in its surrounding. This means that a small area of urban farmland will be used to form social cohesion.

From a traffic angle, this is a 30 area, giving a great amount of importance to pedestrian and bicycle paths. The pavement will be recycled and allows for a low acoustic level, garbage collection will be pneumatic and the production of energy will use biomass along with solar power. There will be a bioclimatic ordinance and the area will have wifi connection. It is understood that all of these measures ensure the sustainability of the plan.