Gamboa (Vigo)

Leam 188

This rehabilitation covers two small buildings with very different characteristics. Both are located on two streets of different height. The building that is environmentally protected is more modern and has been remodelled on the interior. It has five floors and a false veranda on the entire façade. The other building is older and dilapidated with only two floors, although there is space for three, but and the interior will be demolished while maintaining the composition and disposition of the facade.

In order to meet conditions for accessibility and living standards, creating a common portal with a stairway and lift is necessary, to connect both the building’s floors. This would involve demolishing the floors of the highest building, and moving the mezzanines to take advantage of the important height of the original construction.

On the ground floor there will be shops, a mezzanine with storage space and seven studio-flats with one bedroom. This will blend the main façade with the pre-existing factors, allowing for the correct use of the space with greater regularity and simplicity in those areas.