Ferrería (Vigo)

Leam 190

The project was requested by the Vigo Old Centre Consortium to recover four small buildings with common hollow walls, the smallest of which has an area of 30 m2 and the largest, with the most interesting architecture, has an area of 70 m2. All four were dilapidated and had once been used as housing, having heights of two to three floors. The Special Protection and Interior Remodelling Plan file that define the future features gave them environmental protection, which stated a setback of two meters in the back façade and added three floors to the building.

There is a height difference between the main facade and the back one that allowed a different treatment of the buildings, locating commercial stores on Ferrería Street, necessary for the revitalization of the neighbourhood. The existence of a passageway that connects the buildings in the back allowed the creation of an inner patio to access the houses, creating a new two-floor façade in which duplex single family houses and superimposed houses that are accessible through the outside stairways appear. All of them have two to four bedrooms.

The intervention is different in this case, allowing more in-depth typological investigation in a very deteriorated area of the city, which is undergoing a considerable process of urban regeneration granted by the 2013 Spanish Biennial Architecture and Urbanism award for the ensemble of interventions.