The Hot Springs of the Inward Looking City

EDITED BY: Galician Architecture Professional Order.

Place of publication and date: Vigo. 1994.

Number of pages: 234.

El Balneario: La Ciudad Ensimismada
This book is the publication of the thesis elaborated for the achievement of a Ph.D. in the Madrid Superior Technical Architecture School. The work is carried out in the Roman Gallaecia area and it looks into how the presence of hot springs and their transformation into stable facilities is the origin of the transformation of the territory in which they are located. The initial consideration looks at how a site is chosen for its qualities – which in this case is the presence of mineral medicinal springs – influencing the creation and the consolidation of the area. It contains a design based on the use of pre-established types that in many cases reached the level of “ex novo” city, or contributes to the definition of the reference point of the city it is in. These places have a great power of attraction and evocation, initially as places for treatment, and later acquiring a more recreational nature as summer resorts and social gathering points with a high capacity for economic reactivation and revaluating of rural areas.