Bouzas (Vigo) Protection and Interior Remodelling Special Plan

This request from the town hall consisted of the elaboration of the Special Plan for the Town of Bouzas. Today, Bouzas is a neighbourhood of Vigo, home to an important freezing fleet where there are a considerable number of shipyards and a small bay with a promenade that connects it to the Vigo’s urban beaches. This is where the Free Trade Consortium facilities are also located. It once reached greater importance than Vigo, being one of the municipalities that were annexed to the city.

It has a street that starts on the coastline leading to the parish temple towards an important Alameda, currently the centre of every-day life. It has good architecture that evolved from the small sailor houses, called terreñas or patín, to well-preserved bourgeois houses with nice metal work and wooden galleries. There is also a pazo, which although is not very large, is a reference in the urban organization much like some chalets. It has good rationalist architecture with some representative buildings. It is a well-preserved ensemble with some immediate impact.

The purpose was to protect the ensemble and to also increase the value of the large inner spaces that existed in the preserved vegetable gardens, generating pedestrian itineraries and green areas that open up the ensemble, while guaranteeing the protection of some buildings for their consideration as public services.