Ramón Nieto 1 (Vigo)

Leam 180

This is a project in an area with a steep gradient that is located on one of the main arterial roads of the city. The General Plan established an implementation unit that coordinated a detailed study, implementation plan and the urban development project.

The idea was to define an open-block regulation, adjusted to the topography and properly adapted to the existing factors of the area occupied by single-family houses and collective housing along the lowest point of Ramón Nieto Street. This made for a space that was free for public use and in a central area with beautiful landscaping. There is an area set aside at the highest point for a children’s playground near the existing rural road that transforms into a street.

The construction project for the first part consists of three buildings on arcaded platforms at various levels, which resulted in an important interactive space for each community that is protected from bad weather. There are 39 houses and the designs are varied, from studios to 3-bedroom flats, including parking garages and storage rooms throughout the semi-basements.