La Pastora (Vigo)

Leam 160

This area corresponds to the development of the 1993 General Plan Implementation Unit for Vigo, and covers everything from drawing up a detailed study and compensation project to the implementation of the urban development project.

Building regulation was the main objective, generating internal spaces within the area and a correct layout and overall size in relation to the Castrelos Park and the expressway that connects them. Creating a large transitional park with the park located in a high-density area was key along with the limited equipment for restoring a regional detached house that dates back to the 1950s and now acts as the city’s Ethnographic Museum.

The buildings are situated parallel to the main road, creating squares that adapt to the steep topography. The building project for the 206 housing units was conducted in collaboration with architects José Romero Amich and José Manuel Quinteiro Crespo, creating a regionalist image of acceptance in the city as agreed upon by the promoters. Coloured cloth was inserted into the stone chains, giving the cornices and imposts relevance.

The project was recognised as the “Galician Building of the Year” by the Association of Promoters and Entrepreneurs in Construction in 1999.