Pontevedra Tax Agency Building

Leam 136

The Ministry of Finance oversaw this project through the S.G.V., a state company. The objective was to adapt an old building located in the city centre by dividing walls with a solid structure. The modification included making office space for the Gerencia del Catastro. Parts of the structure that were unsound and the parts that were forged were demolished. This step was necessary to adapt the building to its new use.

Given that the building covered a great amount of space and was visually limited in the posterior area, interior lighting was incorporated into the initial plan which lead to the construction of a covered patio with a glass ceiling. This gave the floor more height and pavé glass tiles extended the light onto the next floors. This effect was completed by painting the entire interior white and by using banisters and columns with the institutions colours, green and orange. The building had a double skin façade made of grey granite with alternating granite supports in pink and grey.