El pasado en el presente. Berlín, Lisboa, Londres, Madrid, París

EDITED BY: planur-e.

Place of publication and date: Madrid. 2015.

Number of pages: 215.

Arquitectas un Reto Profesional
This books deals with the historic development of five cities from the urbanism point of view with the aim of underlining their structures, their references and permanent lines all through history. The books also refers to the birth of urbanism as a science dedicated to city planning through all the highlights that mark their character, creating their personality and conform their identity , as a rising value facing global challenges as well as the recognition that their future can only be created starting from their past.

To achieve that purpose different specialists for each of the five cities object of the analysis have been gathered to write this essay. Four of them are teachers of the School of Architecture in Madrid: Enrique Bardají Álvarez, María A. Leboreiro Amaro, Ramón López de Lucio and Beatriz Fernández Águeda and the fifth, Joao Cabral, is a teacher in the School of Architecture of Lisbon with his colleagues: Michel Toussaint and Eduardo Campelo The purpose of the book is to be a manual clear as well as strict that may be used by students as well as by readers that wish to know the city beyond its architecture.

María A. Leboreiro is the editor and the book has been published by planur-e: www.planur-e.es that starts a new publishing career with the publication of this volume. It also contains an introduction by José Fariña Tojo where he explains how the quality of the city of the future depends on the knowledge of the history of our cities, which is an important challenge from the present. The book has a large amount of illustrations that complete the essay in a visual way and help to the knowledge of each different place. Marta Leboreiro Núñez has been in charge of the layout of the volume.