Bola (Madrid)

Leam 169

Bola is a singular remodelling project to recover an interior building near the Royal Palace which is accessed through the carriage passageway of a 19th century building.

The building to be remodelled is an old post office with an s-shaped patio in which there is a typical two floor Madrid corral, likely built in the 18th century, of which the top floor is accessed through a granite stairway. Houses in the building were small and with a superficial centreline. The façade, with wooden columns, was entirely protected and the rest of the building, which allowed grouping and updating the housing program, had one or two bedrooms in the plan with some loft space below the roof.

The recovery of the corridor structure was done with period wood, towards the interior. Where the invasion of xylophage prevented its maintenance, the wood was substituted by metal.

The work was completed with a gardening project and a decorative deceptive painting on the high hollow walls that surround the building.