Amiudal (Avión-Ourense)

Leam 191

This order consisted of the rehabilitation of a single-family detached house, which was once large and of typological interest, made up of two rectangular bodies, joined by a façade on one end and a corridor that is characteristic of the Ribeiro on the other.

The house is located in a rural settlement with ethnographically valuable architecture; hence it is protected as a whole. The proposed action was mimetic, that is, to recover the original image and value it. For this reason, the only work done on the façade was cleaning, re-joining of stones, restoring the roof, recovering existing metal work and changing the carpentry work for one of the same colour.

The interior was worked on with more depth with a new distribution. The bedrooms are on the upper floor, while the bottom floor loses its purpose as storage space and a stable, redistributing it into a large traditional Galician style kitchen. There is an ample hall and dining room and a bedroom with a bathroom connected to the original patio and the new garden. These are created by connecting them to the patio by a stairway through the slope leading to it, and reinforcing the stretch of the corridor which remains and is its facade.