Vigo. Harbor and Destination

Vigo Urbanism Atlas.

EDITED BY: Galician Official Professional Order and Provigo Foundation.

Spanish-Galician bilingual edition.

Place of publication and date: Vigo. 2000.

Number of pages: 216.

Vigo Puerto y Destino
The Atlas rewrites the history of Vigo through its urban development, starting with its first fortified settlements up until it became the city it is today. The evolution was very slow, originally linked to three places that are tied linearly to the coastline: Berbés, Casco Vello and Arenal, to whom the Alameda and Casablanca expansions were added later on, followed by the limiting municipalities until it reached its current magnitude. The book puts the history together through perceptive analysis, based on two documentary sources: on one hand, the writings of the travellers who visited the city since 16th century and on the other the etchings, drawings and paintings in which different artists portrayed their images in different moments. In addition to this, a thorough investigation of the existing cartography and of the urbanism related drawings that were elaborated, as well as planning documents was carried out and added to the end of the book.