Digital magazine:

Planur-e is a digital journal published in Spain about the fields of land zoning, town planning, the environment, landscape and urban design. Its aim is to present good practices giving voice to professionals, as they are who present their own projects. In this way, we collaborate with its diffusion, and at the same time, we offer to our readers the opportunity of seeing other approaches to works and to contrast their own reflections and proposals.

Due to its characteristics, Planur-e intends to fill a gap given the scarcity of publications on these subjects. At this time it reaches its number 24, being its quarterly periodicity. To date, it has published more than two hundred articles on good practices in the subjects that are its object, providing a wide repertoire of support for knowledge of different ways of working, continuously updated, and support for professional work. The articles are presented by authors of recognized prestige and many other emerging ones, their origin from multiple countries enriches their dissemination tasks.