Navalquejigo (Madrid)

Here the recovery of a rural settlement of great historical interest located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial is considered.

The group of buildings, having one or two floors, is set around a plaza where the town monument and a fountain for cattle are situated. The plan layout is confusing, with streets that make the site picturesque, beyond its historical value, on the edge of the Felipe II enclosure. The most relevant elements are the bull fighting arena and the church, which is the only fort church in the Community of Madrid and is declared a Place of Cultural Interest.

The objective of the planning in question was to recover the site, revitalize it through the remodelling of the most significant elements, urbanization, the creation of new architecture that respects the setting and maintains the urban plot. The old buildings are in ruins and cannot be recovered except for small existing traces. The possibility of a hotel or a commercial facility around the plaza was considered in order to create a central area for the neighbouring settlement.

The planning has not yet been processed due to the lack of action from the administration and the presence of squatters who interfere with change and contribute to the deterioration of the site.