A Pasaxe (Gondomar)

A Pasaxe
A Special Interior Remodelling Plan was developed for this area, which is industrial and whose spontaneous growth is about 50ha, in the limits between the municipalities of Vigo and Gondomar. Following its final approval, the Redistribution Plan was developed, but approval was not processed since the action plan was changed upon the owners’ request.

It is an area in which there are high-level companies that take advantage of the location with easy access to the Val Miñor motorway. This facilitates connection to the Vigo metropolitan area and to its harbour and airport, as well to the plateau. These regulations posed difficulties associated with the high occupation level, a livestock reserved path, a difficult topography and the presence of the Zamáns River and its old reservoir. These situations had to be combined with the provision of infrastructure, public services and green areas.

Using the main existing axis solved this, along with opening and using the existing streets in order to regulate the plotting, optimize the positions of green areas and public services, as well as provide a recycling point. This was all completed with the purpose of creating an urban image and increasing the polygon’s working efficiency, which has been so far very insufficient, given the initial conditions.