Crecente Municipal Regulation Master Plan (Pontevedra)

The plan was ordered by the Town Hall of Crecente, located in the south of the Pontevedra Province. Subsidiary Municipal Planning were once passed for this purpose and the document is still valid. Now, a Municipal Regulation Master Plan has been ordered which is in the process of initial approval.

Crecente is a municipality with exceptional natural surroundings and a difficult topography stretching from the Miño River banks to the mountain area of A Cañiza. Poorly connected, it quickly lost its population due to emigration, mostly to Vigo, until the population dropped to a third of what it was in 1931. Furthermore, the population that remains is very aged. It has eleven territorial divisions (parishes) and 135 places with 57 km2 of which a great part is communal mountain. The terrain is very uneven except for the flatter parishes on the riverbanks, where the production of wine, with the Albariño certificate of origin, guarantees a more dynamic atmosphere and higher income levels.

Its situation began to change when accessibility improved substantially, based on the return of its population, the generation of economic expectations upon their return and the sustained growth of the second residency property based on its environmental and scenic quality and the valuing of restoration as opposed to new buildings, which consolidated its attractiveness.

The General Plan was elaborated in these conditions with the purpose of rationalizing urban evolution within guidelines based on sustainability and the purpose of changing the previous situation in favour of growth, which should be at least stable, if not moderate, and able to attract younger generations.

This Municipal Regulation General Plan is the latest to be produced after a long elaboration process for this document, instructing multidisciplinary teams on different levels from Vigo to Mondariz, and having been used outside Galicia in places such as Zafra in Badajoz and La Roda in Albacete.