Redondela (Pontevedra)

Leam 217

A single-family housing program was proposed in an area with a very difficult topography, on a plot with little frontage and an important depth bordering on a wooded area, among the premises for the development of the project were taking advantage of the magnificent views of the sea and adapting the building to the topography by means of half levels, raising successive terraces on the rear façade.

On the semi-basement floor are the garage and facilities, on the first mezzanine a games room and on the first floor a living room-dining room-kitchen with a large terrace and a toilet, on the next mezzanine two bedrooms with a bathroom and on the upstairs a recessed bedroom, which allows to provide double height to the living room on which it is overturned, as well as a dressing room and a bathroom. Each living space corresponds to a section of stairs.

As materials, the traditional stone of the country, aluminum and stainless steel are used, seeking maximum transparency both outside and inside.