Proyecto Sectorial PS-2 Área Científico Tecnológica 1 (ETEA-VIGO)

A Pasaxe
The Sectorial Project is drafted in development of the Sectorial Plan for Territorial Planning of the Scientific-Technological Campus of the Sea of ​​Vigo on land belonging to ETEA-VIGO. It is a commission from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). It is located on a large plot on the edge of the sea in an area with great environmental and landscape values. It is part of a set of buildings formerly belonging to the School of Electrical and Electronic Transmission of the Navy (ETEA), today ceded to the Xunta de Galicia. These are now abandoned facilities, eight buildings of which one is cataloged, the rest being of interest, with the exception of the Classrooms and Exhibitions building which will be demolished. The granted buildability allows completing the program of the new research center.

It is conceived as a Scientific Campus divided into two units, the Marine Research Center and the Marine Technologies Unit. The planning aims to respect not only the existing buildings but also the topography, derived from the situation in the middle of the hillside, which gives rise to different levels of implantation of the buildings with a building close to the industrial architecture of the original functions. The main buildings are located in a flat area, in a quadrangular space that is configured as a square, an area with a spatial value defined both by the architecture and the quality of the buildings. The project aims to create a closed work environment, close to a "english college" around this large open area, around which the conditions are met for the location of the new research and development functions planned for the future Campus del Mar.