Aravaca 3

Leam 154

Three attached houses were constructed using the fragmentation of the land of an old single-family house, with the aim of giving them an unusual design not typical to this type of building.

There is one building with a symmetric facade and bow windows that give the building flow. The buildings are pulled back to the minimum in order to provide ample space for a back garden that stems off of a large terrace and runs the entire length of the facade. The building is elevated making space for a garage and emphasizing the access to the back patio by way of granite stairs. The main doors are located on the sides of the house with the central door on the front facade giving the illusion of only one house.

The houses have a first floor with a central hall and a fully illuminated central staircase and it is distributed into a dining room, living room, bathroom and kitchen. The three bedrooms are located on the top floor and each has a private bathroom. The openings in the basement distribute natural light into an adjunct bedroom and a large library. The garage and maintenance rooms are also located on this floor.

It is a brick building with horizontal granite crossbeams that lighten the impact of the brick and add movement to the design.