Casas Rectorales

The commission comes from the Sociedade de Management do Xacobeo, for the realization of: "PROJECT FOR THE DIVULGATION AND HERITAGE REVALUATION OF THE RECTORAL HOUSES OF THE PORTUGUESE ROAD IN ITS GALICIAN SECTION" carried out by the historians, Aroa Vargas Rial and Vicente Caramés Moreira, and the architects Marian Leboreiro Amaro and Alberto Leboreiro Amaro. The philosophy of this project is born from the situation of abandonment that these properties have been suffering in recent years and aims, through a cataloging, exhibition and creation of a digital platform, to raise awareness of their loss in society. The will is that said project does not become extinct in itself but on the contrary it is the will that it reaches the entire Galician territory in the immediate future.

The exhibition was held at the Museo del Mar de Vigo, exhibiting the photographic material made for the inventory, prior to its selection and editing, given the large number of photographs taken for the knowledge and value of each Rectory House in its descriptive file.

Photographs: Manuel González Vicente.