Elduayen (Vigo)

Leam 173

This building is located in a street that resulted from the opening of the urban structure from the mid-19th century. The building has two facades, the main one in front of the new semi cut road, which is basic to the structuring of the city. This is the road the building is on, since the back façade was never built. The difference between the two facades is three floors, which caused great difficulty in the solution of the site as a whole.

The proposed solution consists of two independent buildings joined by the commercial ground floor that occupies the entire plot. The main building consists of five floors; the first three are environmentally protected and the two top ones have glass-covered galleries. The houses have two bedrooms, a hall-kitchen-dining room and a restroom, all of whose ventilation crosses the patio. Utilities and storage rooms and two duplex houses appear in the back. The façade is made of granite with a clear and simple composition that does not intend to compete with the surroundings. It is discretely inserted in the neighbouring domestic architecture that lacks elements of interest.