Pepchab Baiona

Leam 190

Baiona was an important Galician landmark in the south of Galicia until the 19th century thanks to its geographical location as a peninsula, and it was the first place settled that closed off a concealed port that as of the 16th century became the grounds of Baiona today.

The peninsula is still surrounded by a fort wall which is now a touristic hotel and is a national Place of Cultural Interest. It is joined to the village by an ample park that has two small urban beaches. The village was declared a Place of Cultural Interest because of its historical artistic importance.

Given the level of consolidation with the terrain and the importance of its patrimonial construction, the Special Protection Plan, written in accordance with Galician legislation, the area has an eminently protective character in which urban regulation acquires a special importance.

During the time this project was being written, another document for the declaration of an Area of Integrated Rehabilitation was drawn up. This allowed, once the plan was approved, for the implementing of the architectural recuperation of the area now that it was beginning to flourish.

This document is the last one covering protection and interior reform, and when need be, covers the historically declared areas such as the Zafra, Almansa, Ribadavia, Cangas de Morrazo and Bouzas.