Canido (Vigo)

Leam 75

This house is located in an urbanized residential area. It is a single-family home, permanently occupied, with a surface area of 500m2. It has a very sober style with flat façades, neutral dark colour and a covered terrace that is set back according to its size. This makes its covering an expressive element of design emphasized by the placement of the upper-floor. An important element is its cylindrical staircase that is set apart as a separate space to which the entry porch entry is connected.

Its spacious design is focused on the importance of the kitchen that is incorporated in the layout of the lower floor, which also includes a living room, a large dining room and a powder room in the entrance hall.

The house has a basement with a garage, installations for a game room. The bedrooms are located on the lower and second floors. Height is used throughout the building to create a feeling of slenderness in a sober and subdued space.