Manuel Gómez Román Exhibition

Developed by the County Council of Pontevedra and the Official Architects of Galicia Order, this was a catalogue, or rather a book, that complemented the exhibition of the work of Manuel Gomez Roman with an analysis of what regionalism means in Spain, and more specifically in Galicia and in the works of Gomez Roman. Texts from José ignacio López Chaves, Francisco Fernández del Riego José Ramón Pereira and José Ramón Iglesias Veiga are also included along with the article “Las esquinas, una forma de construir la ciudad” by Marian Leboreiro. This is completed by drawings, an extensive bibliography and a chronology of Gomez Roman that gives us an in-depth view of his personal and professional development as an architect.

This is bilingual edition presented in both Galician and Spanish.

Photographs: Manuel González Vicente.